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Alright, #Jrjunkie, lets talk color! Do you feel like your locks lack luster? Or maybe you’re just ready for a change and in need of some guidance. Well here’s a little 411 on some of the most popular hair color services. Keep in mind, this is just a guideline to help you understand a little “stylist lingo”, but rest assured, you can count on our talented team of colorists, to customize a look thats right for you. You see, here at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon, we strive to listen to your needs and create a look that works perfectly for your lifestyle, all while protecting the integrity of your hair. Because at the end of the day, all you need is good hair.


A color technique used to create subtle, natural looking highlights. Hair color or lightener is swept or painted onto the hair strand to create depth, lightness, and dimension. Balayage can enhance any hair color, and almost any hairstyle, length, or texture. Balayage grows out softer than a traditional foil highlight, and can usually allow for more time in between appointments.


A technique where the color is painted on the hair, just like balayage, but then each painted section is wrapped in foils. This technique is generally used on brunettes to allow a seamless high contrast look.

Partial Highlights

Highlights usually placed around the face for a brightening or face-framing effect. Partial highlights can be very natural looking, or dramatic and bold.

Full Highlight

Highlighting hair in every section of your head from the nape of your neck to the hairline in your fringe and everywhere in between. Full highlights can be very heavy in nature allowing for a bright blonde, or they can be designed to only slightly lighten all of your hair.


A look that is generally darker at the roots that gradually gets lighter in the mid-shaft to the ends. It can be achieved using balayage with or without foils (depending on your starting level and the level of brightness you would like to achieve). Ombre is an ideal look for clients looking for a low-maintenance style.

Baby Lights

A very delicate highlight that can be achieved by using balayage or traditional foils. What makes baby lights stand apart from other highlights, is the sectioning and spacing in between each highlight. Baby lights are created using micro sections of hair, giving a natural-looking effect. This service takes a lot of patience and attention to detail.


An all-over, one step color Base


A technique used to soften darker roots that were not highlighted, which helps remove any line of demarcation in your hair color. This service can be done in between highlight appointments to extend the longevity of your color.


A demi-permanent color service that enhances, enriches, and tones natural or color-treated hair.

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