Blog Posts in June, 2016

What Causes Split Ends?

When your hair seems excessively dry or unhealthy, you may notice the ends splitting. There are a few different reasons this might occur. If it becomes a constant condition of your hair, then speak ...
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Pinterest Trends: Checking Out the Top Bridal Hairstyles

As your wedding approaches, it is time to call up your hair stylist near Dallas. He or she can help you pick out a perfect bridal hairstyle that you will remember for a lifetime. Once you leave the ...
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Adding Flowers to Your Wedding Hairdo

Never be afraid to ask your hair stylist to add a pop of color to your wedding hairdo. A flower can help bring in your wedding colors, and you will look and feel even more beautiful as you leave the ...
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How Your Eating Habits Affect Your Hair

If you have been looking for more ways to have healthier hair, then ask your hair stylist what foods you should or should not incorporate into your diet. What you put into your body has a profound ...
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