Show Off Your Curls on Your Wedding Day

Whether you have naturally tight curls, wavy locks, or somewhere in between, your wedding day is a day to show off your curls. The first step is to find a hair stylist in Dallas that is familiar with working with curls. If you are having your wedding outdoors, humidity can prevent your curls from looking their best. Having a hair stylist who knows all the tips and tricks of keeping curls at their best will leave you with a picture-perfect hairdo all day long. With curly hair, the options are endless. This article will highlight all the ways you can make your curls stand out on your wedding day. bridal salon services

Wear It Up

Just because you have curly hair, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a traditional updo for your wedding. In fact, wearing your curly hair up opens up a number of whimsical looks. Curly hair gives updos a polished yet messy look that can add a bit of romance to your hair. A loose, bohemian updo with a bold hairpiece can add a sense of magic to any wedding. For an added detail, consider a braided bun with floral accents.

Wear It Down

For a dramatic, glamorous look that will captivate your husband to be, and all your wedding guests, let your curls flow. Tousled, high-volume curls need no accessories to create a boldly beautiful cascade of hair under your veil. Alternatively, a low maintenance style of simple curls can add a sense of natural elegance to your wedding. To reduce frizz, consider a keratin complex smoothing treatment prior to the big day.

Wear It Somewhere in Between

With curly hair, your options don’t have to be one or the other. Have your hair stylist create a natural, flowing look by wearing your curls pinned half up and half down. This style is perfect for outdoor or beach weddings. For an added touch, place a few white flowers in your hair.

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