Hairstyles for Different Wedding Gown Necklines

You’ve got the wedding dress, now it’s time to start thinking about accessories. Of course there’s shoes, jewelry, and make-up, but don’t forget to pick the perfect hairstyle. Brides have a number of choices of wedding hairstyles. Find a hair stylist in Dallas who will set up a trial to do a test run before the big day. While you will want a hairstyle that you are comfortable with and compliments you, keep in mind your wedding gown neckline. Based on the style of wedding dress, there are hairstyles that can compliment your gown for a cohesive all over great look.

There are some wedding gown necklines, such as a strapless gown that will be complimented by just about any hairstyle—updo, bun, wearing your hair down; the list goes on and on. Other necklines, such as a v-neck, draws attention to long, lean lines. Wearing your hair down with a v-neck gown can continue these elegant lines. Let your hairstylist know what neckline your gown is and ask for input on finding the right hairdo to compliment that neckline.


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