Balayage Hair 101

A change in your appearance can help you feel confident and allow you to express yourself! Highlighting your hair is a non-invasive way to update your appearance and get that confidence boost. If you are looking to highlight your hair, be sure to get the balayage hair coloring technique that will have you leaving your salon near Dallas feeling fresh and looking incredible. Continue reading to learn more about this wonderful hair coloring technique. hair salon in dallas

What is it?
Balayage is a French word that means “to paint”—and that’s exactly what this coloring technique does! It paints your hair to make it look like you’ve been lounging in the warm sun, resulting in a delicate and natural sun-kissed look. While this hair color technique has been around for some time, it is regaining popularity in a big way.

Why is Balayage Making a Comeback?
Hair trends come and go. For now, balayage highlights are here to stay! More and more celebrities are being seen on the red carpet with balayage highlights, making others recognize the beautiful finish it leaves. Now everyone is looking to have a fresh and delicate balayage color treatment.

What is the Application Process?
Your hair stylist will hand paint the color onto your hair one section at a time. He or she will apply the color to the surface of your hair, but only the tips of your hair will be fully saturated. This allows for a soft look you’re sure to love. Unlike regular highlight treatments that use foil, balayage color treatment allows the color to be absorbed into your hair with no added supplies.

How is Balayage Maintained?
The balayage technique focuses on saturating the tips and blending the color into your hair. That’s why there is very little maintenance involved! Unlike other highlighting and coloring techniques, there is no re-growth line with the balayage technique. Working with professionals who are experienced in balayage will give you a look that is gorgeous and easy to maintain!

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