A Look at Different Hair Coloring Techniques

Getting your hair colored is a fast way to enhance your appearance and feel confident about yourself. Whether you are new to getting your hair colored or a salon veteran, understanding the many hair coloring techniques will allow you to get the fresh look you want from your hairdresser in Dallas. Read on for tips that will help you find the fabulous new hair you desire. hair color in dallas

Commitment Phobia Color
If you are looking to change up your hair’s appearance, but are too afraid to commit to the change, temporary hair color is the perfect option for you. Temporary hair color only colors the outside of your hair without permeating the inside cortex. Talking with your hair stylist about temporary rinses, mousses, and hair crayons can give you the exciting change you are looking for without any of the commitment.

Flirting with Color
Salon clients that are interested in changing their hair color without the full commitment can try semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair coloring. Semi-permanent hair coloring lasts for up to five hair washes and allows you to see if you would like to change your hair color more permanently. This color option will not be able to lighten your hair, but it will be able to show highlights and richness. Another option for those who are unsure about a long-term commitment is demi-coloring. This option lasts longer than semi-permanent color and provides you with a natural-looking finish.

Color Commitment
If you know are looking for a long-lasting hair change, permanent hair color and permanent highlights are what you need. Permanent color permeates the hair’s shaft to give your hair a permanent color change. Coloring all of your hair will allow you to dramatically change your overall appearance. Highlights can be used to add more definition along with this change. Your hair stylist can apply highlights with a variety of techniques, such as balayage, to give you a look you will love. Talking to your stylist will allow you to learn more about your color options so you can get the new hairstyle you are looking to achieve.

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