The Benefits of Keratin Hair Treatments

Keratin TreatmentIf you want to have shinier healthier hair, you may want to consider asking your hair stylist in Dallas about keratin hair treatments. A keratin treatment is a semi-permanent chemical process that is designed to infuse the hair shaft with keratin, which is a protein naturally found in hair. Your stylist will then use a hot flat iron to seal the formula into your hair strands. Keratin strengthens hair, making it shinier and more flexible. At Johnny Rodriguez Salon, we love helping our clients eliminate their bad hair days. Here are some of the benefits of keratin hair treatments:

Say Goodbye to Frizz

If you experience the daily frustration that comes from having frizzy hair, a keratin hair treatment is a great way to tame your locks. Your hair will stay smooth and beautiful Even when exposed to humid environments, hair treated with keratin will not become frizzy. Treated hair stays smooth and beautiful for two to six months, depending on the specific salon formula and how often you wash your hair.

Save Time Blow-Drying

Most people find that getting a keratin treatment is a huge timesaver. In fact, if you’re used to blow-drying and using a flat iron on a daily basis, keratin treatments will save you 40%-60% in drying and styling time.

Seals in Your Color

Keratin treatments can be used on natural or chemically treated hair. If you usually color your hair, it’s a good idea to do so right before your keratin treatment. When the keratin is sealed in with a hot iron, your color is also sealed in. The keratin prevents color from fading for the longevity of the treatment.


Certain keratin formulas can remove up to 70% of curl, and some simply focus on removing frizz. The range of formulas allows for a customizable experience. Some clients choose to ditch their curls altogether, and some opt to simply reduce their curls in favor of a loose beachy look. Different keratin formulas can even be applied to different sections of hair, depending on the desired look.


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