New Women's Hairstyles for 2015

Cute Short Hair dallasHairstyles are ever-changing, and the ideas that stylists come up with never cease to amaze. If you’re searching for a new style, try looking to celebrities or the runway for inspiration, or take a look at the list below to see what’s hot now. You can ask your favorite stylist at a hair salon in Dallas for tips and tricks to getting these sultry new looks. The good news is that anyone can have these gorgeous hairstyles.

Short Cuts

Short hair isn’t just for the boys anymore. Women everywhere are sporting pixie cuts, bobs, and all the hairstyle possibilities that come with short hair. Short hairstyles can be sleek and sexy, and may be customized with differing lengths and cuts, such as an undercut. Use pins to keep hair back or gel for a natural tousled look. However you choose to make the style unique to you, short hair is a great way to let go of the old and try a bold new look.

Messy Dos

Whether it’s ponytails, braids, or waves, let your hair get messy and embrace the flyaways for a laid-back summer look. Messy hair will naturally accentuate your highlights and lowlights, and give you a natural, carefree style. Use your fingers to create a looser look with an updo and lightly pull a few strands of hair away from the rest. You can even use bobby pins or hairspray to make sure the messy look lasts all day. A blow dryer and round hairbrush can help to give you airy waves and a shape that looks natural and low-maintenance.

Accessories and Crowns

A great way to upgrade any existing look is by adding a fun accessory like a crown. Flower crowns, draped chain crowns, leaves, and even tiaras are all the rage right now. From festivals to the runway, you will find long, wavy hair as well as short bobs adorned with crowns of all kinds. They are easy to add to your hair and will stay put with the help of pins. Plus, with some creativity, anyone can design a fun, unique hair crown.

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