Are You Thinking about Hair Extensions?

Dallas hair extensionsThere are many reasons to visit your local salon in Dallas to get hair extensions. Hair extensions offer a quick, easy way to turn short hair into long hair. If your hair is thinning, hair extensions can make it look fuller and lusher. Extensions can also make damaged hair look healthier. If you’re considering hair extensions, read on to learn more about the process.

Synthetic Hair Extensions vs. Natural Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be created out of synthetic hair or natural human hair. Synthetic hair is less expensive, but it is made out of materials that include plastic. This means that you can’t style it with heat, as it would melt. Synthetic hair also does not look very natural, or last very long, and is harder to care for. It may begin to look messy or tangled after just a few days. Natural hair extensions last longer, and can be styled with heat. It would be almost impossible for anyone to be able to tell that you were wearing hair extensions at all if you opted for natural human hair.

Quality of Human Hair Extensions

Extensions made out of human hair range in price depending upon the quality of the hair. Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically processed or colored. Single drawn hair is hair that was gathered with no more than a 2-inch difference in hairs, and double drawn hair is hair that offers uniformity between both ends of the strand. Remy hair is hair that has all strands organized so that the roots are in the same direction.

How Hair Extensions Are Attached

You’ll have much more luck making your hair extensions look as natural as possible by having them attached at a top salon by a professional hairdresser. Extensions can be clipped into your hair as a simple, semi-permanent way to enhance your natural hair. They can also be sewn or glued into your hair. If your extensions are sewn in, they are more permanent, and you can sleep in them and style them in many different ways.

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