Hair Color Trends for 2015

hair-trendsTop salons make it a priority to keep their clients ahead of the trend curve. So if you want a change of hair color in Dallas, look no further than your hairdresser for help. At a salon, you can receive an expert consultation that takes into consideration your current hair color and texture as well as your style preferences. So when you exit your salon, you'll leave with a gorgeous new look that embraces the hottest color trends and complements your appearance.

Fine Highlights

Are you nervous about making a significant hair color change? Then you're in luck because one of the biggest trends for 2015 is barely there highlights. Salons love this look because it allows hairdressers to subtly enrich the natural hues of their clients' hair, letting them and not their hair stay in the spotlight. Clients too love getting fine highlights because friends, family, and coworkers often comment on how good they look, though they might not be able to put a finger on the reason why.

Subtle Warm Shades

Many women assume that becoming a redhead means a drastic change to their appearance, or they think that their hair might draw too much attention. In 2015, though, women who want to warm up their hair can do so without worrying about shocking loved ones with a big change. Salons are seeing a growing trend of subtly red hair that can add a warm glow to the skin without dominating other facial features. Best of all, this look works on women of all hair colors. So whether you currently have blonde, brown, or even black hair, you can explore this hot hair color trend.

Dramatic Highlights

Perhaps you are ready for a big change in 2015. If so, now is the perfect time to ask your hairdresser about getting dramatic highlights. Falling on the opposite end of the trend spectrum from fine highlights, bold highlights can instantly transform your appearance and get others to take notice. To get eye-catching highlights, tell your hairdresser to add chunky pieces of blonde, light brunette, or even burgundy to your current hair color. No matter what hair color trend you choose to experiment with this year, though, you will find that each option can bring new depth to your current color and help you explore your individual style.

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