A Man's Guide to Talking Hair

When you know what you want in terms of hair, but you have no idea how to say it, the fear of ending up with a cut or style you hate can be tremendous. While you can always scour hair salon magazines trying to find a visual example of what you want, knowing a few terms and what they mean can be incredibly helpful. Here's how to talk haircuts:

Hair Stylist

When You Want Texture and Volum e

If your hair is thinning, or you just want an ultra-modern look, adding texture and volume to your hair is definitely the way to go. Different techniques produce very different looks, though. Ask for something "choppy" if you want your hair to look thicker. This is where your hairs are all cut at slightly different lengths.

If you want a somewhat less messy look with the volume, ask for a "razored" cut, which produced a tapered, angled edge to the end of each hair rather than the straight cut you get with scissors. If you want a super short cut that still looks styled, simply ask for "textured."

"Layered" is the word to use if you want to keep some length to your hair but also want it to have depth. A layered cut will have shorter hair on bottom with slightly longer hair on top, giving your cut volume and interest.

When You Want Less Hair

If your hair is super thick and unmanageable, ask your hair stylist to "thin it out." Thinning is a technique that uses special scissors that cut some hairs while leaving others intact, effectively reducing the volume of your hair. You can still choose virtually any style of cut you want, as thinning is not a style in and of itself.

If you're looking for a top notch hair stylist in Dallas who can understand exactly what you mean when you describe the look you want, contact us at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon. We'll help you get the hair cut that is perfect for your tastes and lifestyle. Call (214) 613-1857 for an appointment today.

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