All About Hair Extensions

All About Hair ExtensionsYour hairstyle is an extension of your individuality. Hair salons near Dallas can help you show off your unique personality with a fresh haircut or daring hair color. Yet more and more women are recognizing just how important hair extensions can be in defining their style. If you have yet to try hair extensions, talk to a hairdresser trained in extension application to find out how they can help you enhance your natural hair and express yourself.

What They Can Do

As the name indicates, hair extensions can lengthen—or extend—your hair. However, the ways in which these devices can help you achieve the look you want go well beyond simply providing longer hair. Many women suffer from fine hair that lies limply and defies all styling attempts. The addition of hair extensions can instantly add gorgeous volume to hair and enable salon clients to create new looks with them. Hair extensions can also diminish the effects of a poorly executed haircut and help women feel confidence about their appearance until their hair grows back.

How They Work

Women who get hair extensions can have them woven, taped, or fused to their hair. Taped hair extensions work for all hair textures, and they often can be used for multiple applications. Fused extensions too can be used for many types of hair, and hairdressers note that they often provide lasting results. In many cases, salons recommend that only women with thicker and more durable hair get woven hair extensions. Once in place, though, women can have their extensions cut and styled as they would their natural hair.

When To Get Them

No special occasion is needed to get hair extensions. As mentioned, they can play an integral role in helping women transition from one hairstyle to the next or providing them with the volume they want to execute desired hairstyles. Because hair extensions can quickly add layers and length to hair, they have become increasing popular for wedding hair. Especially when brides do not have the time or patience to grow out their hair for their nuptials, hair extensions can quickly and easily help them have the long, gorgeous hair they want on their wedding day.

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