A Man's Guide to Choosing a Hairstyle

Hair salons near Dallas can do more than keep your hair from getting in your eyes. They can also help you choose the perfect haircut for your face shape.

This video offers a step-by-step guide for men who want a flattering haircut. Key to getting a hairstyle that suits your features is figuring out your face shape. Men fall into one of four categories: round, oval, triangular, or square. While most haircuts can work for oval and triangular faces, men with round or square faces may need to be more careful with their haircut choices. If you have a round face, ask your hairdresser for an angular cut. Conversely, if you have a square face, request a softer hairstyle. When in doubt, keep in mind that salons have hairdressers trained to find the ideal haircut just for you.

Categories: Hair Trends
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