Styling Ideas for Brides with Short Hair

Even if you have a short haircut, your hairdresser can offer you many different options for your wedding hair and makeup in Dallas. Your short hair will not limit you in any way when you visit your local hair salon and begin looking at possible wedding hairstyles. Here are just a few wedding hair styling ideas for brides with short hair.

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Romantic, Retro Curls

If you love the idea of classic, romantic curls for your wedding hairstyle, your hairstylist can make your dreams a reality by using some old-fashioned hairstyling techniques. Your hairdresser can create soft, natural finger waves that look gently tousled, and somehow manage to be both elegant and casual. You can accessorize finger waves with a flower wreath, or just wear a short veil over your wedding hairstyle. You could also opt for small pin curls accessorized with jeweled hairpins or a sparkling headband. Your hairdresser can even use a mini curling iron to create tight, bouncy, symmetrical curls all over your head.

A Sleek Faux Updo

Experienced hairstylists know how to use bobby pins to make a short haircut look like a sleek updo. Simply by strategically pinning chunks of hair up and underneath of each other along the back of your head, your wedding hairstyle will look like a sophisticated, glamorous updo in minutes. You can accessorize this hairstyle with a fresh flower, a pretty hair clip, or a rhinestone hairpiece.

Luxurious Hair Extensions

Your wedding is the perfect time to play around with a new, long hairstyle created from natural human hair extensions. You can have your hairdresser put in long, luxurious Babe or Balmain hair extensions that can then be styled into any wedding hairstyle you can imagine. After your human hair extensions are in, your hairdresser can cut them to the perfect length, and you can experiment with a few different wedding hairstyles to find one that you love. Consider trying loose, flowing curls; a long, messy braid; or a sleek bun or chignon.

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