Tame Your Unruly Mane with a Keratin Treatment

If your hair has become frizzy, dry, damaged, and unruly, you may want to visit a hair salon for a keratin complex smoothing treatment. Keratin treatments in Dallas can remove frizz from your hair, while still maintaining your hair’s natural curl and volume. Your hair stylist will simply apply the keratin complex to your hair, and then flat iron it to seal in the keratin hair treatment.

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein that strengthens the hair, makes it appear shiny, and protects the hair from damage. Frizz can be caused by humidity, certain hair products, extreme hair damage, lack of moisture, and split ends. A keratin complex smoothing treatment restores keratin to your hair’s cuticles, for beautiful, manageable hair.

Your hair salon may carry various keratin treatment formulas, and your hair stylist will choose the formula that is best for the texture and quality of your hair. Your hair stylist may even use different formulas in different areas of your hair. Regular keratin treatments will shorten your daily hair styling time, keep your hair frizz-free, and improve the overall health and quality of your hair.

keratin treatment in dallas

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