How to Keep Your Ombre Hair Looking Fabulous

If you’ve recently visited a hair salon near Dallas for an ombre style, you’ll want to take steps to keep your new hair color fresh and beautiful. Even the best hair colorist in Dallas can’t preserve your ombre once you leave the hair salon, so it’s up to you to maintain your look in between visits to your hairdresser. Your hair colorist may have offered you some tips on color preservation, but here is some more helpful advice. hair salon in dallas

Use the Right Products and Tools
You should only cleanse your hair with shampoo once every three to four days. When you do use shampoo, make sure that it specified on the bottle that it’s sulfate-free and specifically formulated for hair that has been dyed. Your hair salon or beauty supply store should have professional hair care products for dyed hair. In between shampoos, you can refresh your hair with dry shampoo. When styling your hair, avoid using heat or hot tools. Your hair may already be damaged from your hair color, and heat exposure will damage it further.

Stay Out of the Sun
UV rays can be harmful even to hair that is healthy and un-dyed. For hair that may already be damaged due to hair color, the UV rays can cause color to fade very quickly. Protect your hair from the sun by wearing a hat, or spraying it with a UV protectant product prior to leaving your house. Your hair colorist or hair stylist can recommend a good UV protectant spray. These sprays prolong your hair color and protect your hair from sun damage and lightening.

Avoid Exposure to Chlorine
Everyone wants to jump in the pool during the summer, but chlorine can wreak havoc on hair color. If you go swimming, you should either wear a swim cap, or wet your hair with bottled water prior to getting in the pool. Bottled water will slow the rate at which your hair absorbs chlorine. Your beauty salon or beauty shop may also sell products that protect hair from chlorine.

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