Blog Posts in April, 2015

Which Bangs Suit You Best?

If you want to get a new look without completely changing your hairstyle, bangs can give you the change you need. Keep reading to find out what kind of bangs to ask for in the salon in Dallas : ...
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What to Know About Keratin Treatments

Hair care products and treatments help you get the healthiest, most attractive hair possible. If you are tired of frizz ruining the aesthetic appeal of your hairstyle, you might want to look into some ...
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Get to Know Salon Owner Kate Rodriguez

Johnny Rodriguez the Salon is one of the top hair salons in Dallas because we work with the best stylists. Kate Rodriguez is Johnny’s wife and co-owner of the salon. She has been interested in ...
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Meet Salon Owner Johnny Rodriguez!

Johnny Rodriguez, owner of Johnny Rodriguez Salon, is a 25-year veteran in the hair industry. After years of developing his craft in some of the most celebrated salons, Johnny and his wife Kate opened ...
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