Choosing the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

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Bangs can completely change a hairstyle to give you a new look without a drastic cut. If you are ready to get some bangs on your next visit to the salon, use the following tips to find the best kind for your face shape:

Oval faces can usually pull off any kind of bang, so decide which style will give you the look you want. If you have a round face, you should opt for wispy or side-swept bangs to keep your face looking more balanced. Blunt bangs work the best on long faces to minimize the length. If you have a square face, try arched bangs that do not add any more width.

The expert hairstylists at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon can help you find the perfect cut for your face shape. As one of the top salons in Dallas, we know what it takes to give everyone their ideal cut and color. To learn more about our products and services or to schedule an appointment, visit us online or call (214) 717-5859.

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