Summer Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

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Summer is coming, which means hot weather, high humidity, and a lot of exposure to chlorine. Your hair should not suffer so you can make the most of the season, however. Keep reading to learn about hair care mistakes that you should avoid this summer:

Using Too Much Conditioner

Dryness is an issue for a lot of people during the summer and they often try to overcompensate by increasing the amount of conditioner they use. This can have the adverse effect on your hair, however. All of this product can weigh down your locks, especially when you combine it with humidity. The end result is hair that looks flat and dirty. Talk to your hairstylist about the kind and amount of conditioner you should be using to get the best results.

Shampooing Each Day

Using too much shampoo can strip moisture from your hair and take away its natural shine. The next time you make an appointment at the salon, ask the stylist for his or recommendation on how often you should shampoo for your specific hair needs. Even spreading out your routine to every other day can bring big improvements to your hair.

Putting Wet Hair in a Ponytail

Tight hair ties and elastics can damage your hair, especially if it is wet or damp. Instead of encouraging this damage, you should use a cloth headband to push your hair back from your face. You can also use bobby pins or a looser hair tie to pull your locks back into a bun or a low ponytail without increasing your risk for breakage.

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