Protecting Your Hair from Summer Damage

Beautiful woman basking in the warm sunshine

The start of summer is in the air and your social calendar is probably already filling up with barbeques, pool parties, and other activities that leave your locks exposed to the elements. Use the following tips to keep your hair looking great all summer long:

Visit Your Hairstylist

Schedule an appointment at the salon before the scorching temperatures really start to set in so you can get a haircut that gets rid of those dead ends. Getting a haircut before you expose your hair to so much sun and chlorine helps you avoid as much damage as you would see without the trim. If possible, you should also get your hair trimmed once every six to eight weeks. You can also ask your stylist to give you a deep conditioning treatment that replenishes some of the moisture you have lost by spending so much time in the sun or the pool.

Use UV Finishing Products

Your hair needs just as much protection from the sun as any other part of your body. Before you leave the house, you should apply a finishing product to that includes UV protection to damp hair. This will keep highlights and allover color more vibrant.

Get It Wet Before Getting It Wet

It is actually better to jump into the pool with hair that is already damp. This gives your locks a little added protection from chlorine so it will not get as dry as it would normally after a swim. You should also wash your hair with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to prevent it from drying out from all of your summer activities.

The hair experts at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon can help you get your best hair this summer. Dallas Observer and D Magazine have both rated us as one of the top salons in Dallas. Come in today to talk to one of our hair stylists about your hair and we will help you find the best way to care for it. To learn more, visit us online or call (214) 987-1919.

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