Blog Posts in January, 2014

Hairstyle Ideas for Valentine's Day

Make sure you look the part this Valentine’s Day with a hairstyle that really wows. With the perfect hair and the perfect outfit, you will feel beautiful, confident, and ready for a great date. ...
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What is Keratin Treatment?

Hair technology is always improving to help you achieve the best look possible. Keratin is a bond that makes up the hair, and salon experts have started to add it to the outside of the hair to smooth ...
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Can Keratin Treatments Calm Your Hair Concerns?

Frizzy hair is hard to deal with. If you are tired of being unable to predict how your hair will look from day to day, keratin treatments could be the perfect solution for you. Keep reading to find ...
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Looking at Our Loyalty Program

Johnny Rodriguez the Salon cares about how our customers feel about our business. On top of offering the best haircuts and colors in Dallas, we also have a client loyalty program. Keep reading to ...
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