Treatment Spotlight: Relaxers

Bad Hair Day

Many people with straight hair use curling irons and styling products to achieve a wavy, curly look. However, some people have curls that are so wild that they must be tamed every so often. If you have unmanageably curly hair, you may want to consider a relaxer treatment at a professional hair salon. Relaxed hair can give you many styling options that might not be possible with your natural curls. Keep reading to learn more about hair relaxers and what they can do for your hairstyle.

Types of Relaxers

There are two main categories of hair relaxers: lye relaxers and no-lye relaxers. Your hairstylist will determine which is right for you based on your hair type and texture. Though lye relaxers work quickly, they also tend to rinse out faster, so you might have to go in for treatments more often. No-lye relaxers are made of calcium hydroxide, which has a tendency to dry out the hair. No-lye treatments are a great option for people with sensitive scalps, and you should use a de-calcifying shampoo after your treatment to minimize any calcium buildup.

The Professional Touch

While there are a variety of hair relaxers you can buy in the store and use by yourself at home, visiting a professional salon is a much safer and healthier option. Relaxers are made of strong chemicals which can damage your hair or scalp if they are not used properly. When you go to a professional hairstylist, he will perform a test to figure out which type of relaxer is best for you. Using his years of experience on many different types of hair, you can rest assured that the treatment you are getting is safe.

Relaxer Maintenance

As with most hairstyles and salon treatments, it is important to take good care of your hair to maintain your results from your relaxer treatment. Make sure your hair is well moisturized, and stay away from heat sources that could dry your hair out excessively.

At Johnny Rodriguez the Salon, we offer relaxer treatments to give you the straight hair you’ve always wanted. Call us at (214) 987-1919 to make an appointment at our top-rated Dallas salon, and let us take great care of your hair. 

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