Are Bangs Right for You?

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Hairstyle trends come and go, but no matter what happens, some versions of bangs always seem to be in style. If you are thinking about changing up your look by getting bangs, talk to your hairstylist for an expert opinion of what would look good on you. There are many different styles of bangs, from blunt, short cuts to longer, swooping looks. Bangs tend to look best on people with straight or slightly wavy hair, though your stylist may have ideas for you if you have very curly hair. Round, full faces usually don’t work well with bangs, but oval, square, and long faces take bangs very well. As you decide whether bangs are right for you, consider how much time you’re willing to spend styling them on a daily basis, and choose a look that works with your lifestyle.

The professional stylists at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon can help you decide if bangs are the right look for your next hairstyle. Contact us at (214) 987-1919 to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly Dallas hairstylists, and get ready to walk out wearing your best look yet. 

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