Blog Posts in February, 2014

Bangs for Every Face Shape

If you are considering changing your hairstyle, ask your stylist if bangs might be right for you. When cut to fit your face shape, bangs can highlight some of your best features. Watch this video to ...
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Reasons to Schedule an Appointment at the Blow-Dry Bar

No matter what your reason is for visiting your hair salon, it gives you an opportunity to walk out looking and feeling better than you did when you arrived. Whether you need a haircut, highlights, ...
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Are Bangs Right for You?

Hairstyle trends come and go, but no matter what happens, some versions of bangs always seem to be in style. If you are thinking about changing up your look by getting bangs, talk to your hairstylist ...
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Treatment Spotlight: Relaxers

Many people with straight hair use curling irons and styling products to achieve a wavy, curly look. However, some people have curls that are so wild that they must be tamed every so often. If you ...
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