Blog Posts in April, 2014

Creating a Diet for Healthy Hair

The food on your plate directly affects the hair on your head. If you want shiny, strong, and healthy hair, you have to eat a healthy diet. Your hair is made up of oils, selenium, iron, and proteins ...
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Shampoo Mistakes to Avoid

One of the major advantages of going to a quality hair salon instead of the first place you see that will give you a quick haircut is the stylists’ feedback. The hairstylist should help you ...
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The Hottest Hair Trends for Spring 2014

Spring is in the air, which means now is the perfect time for a change in your appearance. Take advantage of the new season by asking your hairstylist to update your look. Use the following hair ...
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Caring for a Perm

If your hair limply hangs in place, a perm could give you the volume and texture you are looking for. After your hairstylist gives you a perm, use the following tips to keep your hair healthy and ...
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