What Is a Japanese Straight Perm?

Get smooth hair with a Keratin treatment

When people hear the word “perm,” the first image that usually comes to mind is a head full of beautiful curls. However, as the hair salon professionals at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon will share, perms are no longer reserved for those who desire curlier or wavier locks. The Japanese straight perm is an increasingly popular method for straightening hair. This type of perm utilizes several products as well as an advanced iron to moisturize and smooth out frizzy strands. Commonly referred to as thermal reconditioning, a Japanese straight perm differs from other straightening treatments out there since it does not rely on harsh chemicals in order to tame unruly hair.

It's important to note that unlike Keratin-based treatments, Japanese straight perms are not well-suited for every hair type. That's why it's important that you consult with your hair stylist at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon in Dallas in order to find out if you are a good candidate for this revolutionary straightening system. To learn more about the process of undergoing a straight perm, visit our hair salon or call (214) 987-1919.

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