Professional Hair Straightening Options

If you are one of the millions of women around the country who spend countless hours each month trying to tame her out-of-control waves or curls, then it's time to speak to your hair salon professional about hair straightening services. In addition to providing longer-lasting results, professional services will also reduce the overall risk of permanent damage to your hair. Here is a closer look at your professional hair straightening options:

Beautiful woman with long straight hair

Japanese Straightening

One of the most popular straightening services for women dealing with curly or wavy hair is the Japanese straightening treatment, which is also often referred to as thermal reconditioning. During this process, your hair stylist will soak your hair in a gentle chemical-based solution that reshapes the hair strand. Next, they will rinse it, blow it dry, and then iron it. This option is ideal for those with thick hair that is curled to a medium or loose degree.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Brazilian straightening treatments have also become a favorite hair salon service over the last few years thanks to their gentle nature and long-lasting results. Since these treatments are keratin-based, they are commonly known as Keratin blow outs or Keratin smoothing treatments. One advantage of these treatments is that they are suitable for colored hair and can help to de-frizz hair of any texture without reducing volume.

At-Home Straightening Products

Even after you've left the salon, you can maintain your perfect blow out or professionally-relaxed hairstyle by washing and conditioning your hair using products recommended by your hair stylist. Johnny Rodriguez the Salon in Dallas carries at-home straightening products from some of the most respected names in the industry, Shu Uemura and Kevin Murphy.

If you're interested in achieving straighter, healthier hair, then be sure to speak to your hair stylist at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon. The professionals at our Dallas hair salon are committed to providing excellent service and impeccable results. To schedule any one of our straightening services or another beauty treatment, call (214) 987-1919.

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