What to Expect When Changing Your Hair Color

After any trip to the hair salon, you can expect to see a slightly different reflection when you look in the mirror. Changing your hair color is often one of the most drastic changes that you can make. If you are ready for a change, keep reading to learn more about what to expect from your next hair coloring experience:

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An In-Depth Conversation with the Hair Stylist

Before the stylist even looks at your hair, it is important that you have a detailed conversation about what you really want from your color change. Bring in pictures of colors that catch your eye and talk to him or her about how these hues will work with your features. If you can communicate enough before the coloring, you are more likely to get what you want.

A Lot of Foil

Whether you want all-over color or sporadically placed highlights, the stylist will use foil to separate your hair as the color sets. While you are sitting in the chair waiting for the dye to work its magic, you might not know what to expect from your space-agey reflection, but have patience. As soon as the color is washed out and your hair is dry and styled, you will get the look you wanted.

Some Information about Upkeep

Before you leave the salon, it is important to talk to the hair stylist about what it takes to upkeep your new color. If you dyed your hair to get rid of grays, you will need to recolor it more frequently than if you are just trying to change up your look.

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