Tips for Blowing Your Hair Dry Like a Pro

After a successful visit to the salon, you want to do what you can to maintain your fabulous new hairstyle. The perfect blow-dry is at the root of any great hair look, which is why it is an important skill to master. Use this guide to improve your ability to blow dry your hair into a shiny, healthy style:

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Use the Right Kind of Brush

Many people use whatever kind of hairbrush they have lying around while drying their hair, but this could actually cause a lot more problems than they realize. Metal brushes heat up quickly, and this heat transfers to the hair, which makes it look frizzy and dried out. You should always use a round brush when blow drying your hair. Bristles made from nylon and boar usually offer the best results.

Use the Right Heat

Over-drying the hair is one of the biggest problems caused by incorrect blow-drying. Set your dryer on a lower heat setting so you are not blasting too much heat and compromising the strength of the hair. You should also repeatedly move the dryer throughout the hair so you do not put too much heat on one spot.

Use the Right Angles

When holding your brush, try to keep it at a vertical angle to your head and hold the dryer more horizontally. You should always move the dryer backward. If you separate your hair into sections before you start drying, it makes it much easier, especially if you have thick hair.

Use these drying tips after a visit to Johnny Rodriguez the Salon to maintain your beautiful hairstyle in your everyday life. With our top-notch stylists and fully stocked salon, we can always give you the style you want. To learn more about our Dallas haircut and color services, visit our website or call (214) 987-1919.

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