How to Match Your Makeup to Your Hairstyle

Take some makeup tips from the professionals to find colors that highlight your best features. While it is important to choose shades that work with your skin tone and eye color, you should also think about your hair before choosing makeup. Keep reading to see how your haircut and color affect your palette:

Beauty shot of a smiling long haired, beautiful brunette woman

Brown Hair

Brown hair sets the foundation for some great makeup options. A light bronzer paired with rosy blush gives you a lively, yet natural look. Opt for eye shadows in the gold and bronze families, and lighten them up with soft shades, like peach. Use a combination of black eyeliner right along the lash line and brown liner along the eye to draw attention to your beautiful peepers. Choose a bold lip color to add more drama to your look.

Blonde Hair

Blondes should contour their faces to make their features really stand out. Stay away from black eyeliner, which can be overwhelming, and instead choose something fun like purple or blue. Plum, eggplant, taupe, silver, and charcoal are great options for eye shadows. Finish your look with pink lips that complement your hair color.

Red Hair

If your hair is red, your makeup should not be red. Choose light pink or neutral blush to highlight your cheekbones. Gravitate toward colors with depth for your eyes, like green or rich brown, to bring the focus to this area of your face. When it comes to lipstick, try to stick to neutral shades.

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