Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist During Your Next Appointment

Whether you’re hoping to achieve a dramatic asymmetrical bob or want to experiment with warm honey highlights that will give your hair depth, it’s important for you to communicate your wishes with your Dallas hair salon stylist throughout your service. They can help you determine how well a look will complement your features and ways to alter it to better suit your face and your personality. Here are a couple of key questions to ask your hair stylist during your upcoming appointment:

Professional Hair Cut

Will This Color Hold Well in My Hair?

If you will be seeing your hair stylist for a color service, bring in a photo of your dream shade. Be sure to ask how well this color will flatter your skin and eye color and how easy it will be to achieve on your hair type. For many women with fine hair, color will fade more quickly, so your stylist may recommend going one shade darker than you would anticipated.

How Easy Can I Replicate This Style Each Morning?

It’s important to determine how difficult your desired haircut will be to style on your own. There’s no better feeling than leaving the salon with that crisp, professionally perfected look; however, if you can’t replicate this with your own tools and skills, then it may be wise to choose a style that requires less work.

As a client at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon, you’ll always feel comfortable speaking with our stylists about your services. We make it our goal to leave you feeling proud of and confident in your new look. To learn more about our services, call us at (214) 987-1919. 

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