Hot Summer Hairstyles for Guys

The warm season is here, which means now is the time to get your perfect summer haircut. What style will you choose this year to look cool all season long? Here’s a look at some of the best haircuts for men this summer:                                             

Female hairdresser drying her male customer's hair

High-Top Pomp

If you live life on the cutting edge, the latest hipster cut is for you. Ask your stylist to trim your sides to a short-to-medium length, depending on your preference, but to leave at least three inches on top. Work the top into a pompadour shape using pomade. If you have time, use a hair dryer and brush to blow the top of your hair straight back for more lift. This look works well with most hair types, but if your hair is curly or extremely thick, it could be tough to pull off.

Long and Loose

What could be lower maintenance than long hair? The trick to keeping the look modern and hip instead is to limit yourself to shoulder length. Growing your hair out is the hardest part of getting this look. Visit your stylist every eight to 10 weeks for trims to keep your hair healthy. Unless you have very fine hair, you can work this look. You don’t need to do much more than get up and go with this haircut, but use a little texture cream if you find your hair puffs up during the day.

Caesar Cut

A version of this Roman-inspired cut always seems to be in style. For this summer, the key is a very short top with even sides. The Caesar cut works for nearly all hair types and is low maintenance. For a casual look, simply shampoo and go. If you want to dress it up, use a touch of pomade to style the top forward for a little extra definition.

When you’re ready to update your summer look, let the stylists at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon help. Our Dallas hair salon is your top destination for the perfect haircut or color. Call (214) 987-1919 to schedule an appointment today.            

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