What Are Balayage Highlights?

Try something new the next time you have an appointment at the hair salon. Balayage highlights add more depth to your hair while still giving you a natural effect. Keep reading to learn how to get these highlights and how they will revolutionize your entire look:

Get Your Hair Colored at the Salon

Direct Application

Unlike traditional highlights, the balayage is a technique that is applied by hand. This gives the hair stylist more creative freedom. Instead of the structural look that comes with foil or caps, balayage has a more natural effect that makes your hair look as if it was merely highlighted by the sun.

Affordable Color

If the balayage highlights are applied correctly, you can enjoy your look for up to four months without needing to get your hair re-highlighted. Since the color is painted onto the hair, it has a more natural appeal even as the hair starts to grow. Your balayage highlights will outlast other styles.

Color to Work with the Hair

One of the greatest benefits of choosing balayage highlights is the ability to ask the stylist to paint on color underneath the hair. By leaving the roots their natural color and lightening toward the tip of the hair, the stylist is able to achieve a sun-kissed look that will not lose appeal as the hair starts to grow.

A Tousled Companion

Salon clients with wavy or tousled hair most often appreciate the final effect of balayage highlights. The softness of the color perfectly complements loose curls. Clients with short, sharp bobs might prefer the structured effect of foil highlights, though. Talk to your stylist about the right look for you.

With a team of expert stylists, Johnny Rodriguez the Salon is your ideal Dallas salon. Come in today to try out balayage highlights and see how they can soften your look. Call (214) 987-1919 to schedule your color appointment. 

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