A Look at Common Hair Care Mistakes

If your hair has lost some of its luster, you might be making a hair care faux pas that is decreasing its aesthetic appeal. Some of the most common mistakes can make even the best hair cut look dull and limp. Keep reading to learn about hair care mistakes and figure out how to avoid them:

Messy hair

Improper Shampoo and Conditioning Routine

Your hair needs shampoo and conditioner to reach its highest potential, but using these products incorrectly can do just as much damage as if you do not use them at all. For most people, it is not necessary to shampoo every day. Talk to your hair stylist about your hair type and ask for shampoo recommendations. Similarly, many people only condition the bottom half of the hair because they think too much product will weigh it down. The roots need to be conditioned in the same way as the tips, though, so your best bet is to use a lightweight conditioner.

Not Enough Trims

Long periods of time between trims can lead to split ends. If you want to keep your hair looking healthy, you should get trims at the salon once every six-to-eight weeks. Even if you are trying to grow it long, regular trims will keep it looking its best.

Rough Brushing

As tempting as it might be to race through your hair with your brush, it is much better for your locks to gently drag the brush through. Tugging too roughly could cause your hair to snap. Start your brushing regimen at the tips and slowly work your way up to the roots. This will help you untangle knots without damaging your hair.

The hair care experts at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon are here to help you get the best hair possible. Our Dallas hair salon is equipped with the best tools and stylists so you can get the look you want. Call (214) 987-1919 for an appointment so you can talk to a stylist about keeping your hair healthy and fabulous.

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