Blog Posts in December, 2013

Foods That Promote Healthy Hair

Healthy hair isn’t based solely on the products you use. The food you eat can also have a large effect. The cells that support strong, healthy hair depend on a balanced diet. The nutrients you ...
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How to Combat Dry or Damaged Hair

When hair is processed, colored, or overstyled it can become dry and damaged. Knowing the proper hair care techniques can keep hair healthy even when it is under stress. Here are a few ways to combat ...
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Cute Party Looks for Short and Long Hair

To create a party look for short hair, do a fun updo. Use dry shampoo to give the hair texture, and then pull the hair back from around the ears, twist the gathered hair together, and pin it up with ...
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Hair Extensions: The Perfect Accessory for Brides

Incorporating hair extensions into your wedding look is a great way to add extra volume and length to your hairstyle. Hair extensions can appear natural while enhancing an updo or adding length to a ...
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