Looking to Change Your Style? Try a Relaxer or Perm!

If you are unhappy with the texture of your hair, you don’t have to keep fighting it every day to get the style you want—instead, you can visit your favorite hair salon and request a hair straightening treatment or volume-enhancing perm! Read on for a look at these two styling techniques and how they can help you reinvent your hair style:

Keratin treatments give smooth hair

Relaxing Treatments

People with frizzy or curly hair often struggle to maintain their locks, only to have their efforts undone by the slightest bit of humidity. Fortunately, there are a variety of professional options available to straighten and smooth rebellious hair. Chemical relaxation works by breaking the protein bonds that keep hair curly. Keratin treatments lend strength to hair and help it resist moisture, with effects that fade over the course of two to four months. For intense straightening that keeps your hair smooth until it grows out, Bio Ionic offers a system that uses negative ions to help hydrate hair while heat relaxes and seals the hair shaft.

Permanent Treatments

If you are constantly trying various methods to get big, bouncy curls or relaxed waves, consider getting a perm. Depending on the size of the rods used, you can have tight spirals, loose waves, or a natural-looking variation in curl width. The look generally lasts for three to six months, allowing you to have sexy hair every day without wasting time using a curling iron.

At Johnny Rodriguez the Salon, you can receive these treatments and more for manageable, healthy-looking hair. You can also take a class on maintaining your new style with blow-outs at home—our professionals will teach you how to use the items you already own for a salon-fresh look every day. Book your appointment by calling (214) 987-1919 or by visiting us online.

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