Get Gorgeous: How to Choose the Right Hair Color

Does your skin seem dull and washed-out? You may have the wrong hair color for your complexion! Matching the hue of your hair to the tone and shade of your skin is important for maintaining a healthy glow. While your hair stylist can suggest flattering hair colors, you can also learn how to pick the perfect shade for yourself using these tips:

Dramatic red hair

Check Whether You Have Warm or Cool Skin

The underlying color tones of your skin affect which shade looks best in your hair. You can figure out your personal color temperature by looking at certain physical characteristics and considering what hues flatter your skin. Warm-skinned individuals tend to have yellow, golden, or brown flecks in their eyes, along with greenish streaks. These individuals have a healthy glow when wearing off-white clothing, rather than true white, and look best in earth tones such as yellow, orange, brown, and coral. In contrast, people with cool skin tend to have black or grey-blue eyes with blue veins, and can pull off outfits in pure white and jewel tones such as blue, green, and purple. If you have warm skin, you should pick a hair color that has red or golden tones, but if you are on the cool side, opt for hues with purple, ash, or neutral tints.

Consider Your Complexion

Those with very fair skin should stick to hair colors in the blonde, red, or light brown range, as anything darker will wash out their complexion. Medium-skinned people may sport colors ranging from blonde to medium brown, while those with olive skin can pull off darker shades of brown, auburn, and even black. If you have dark skin, you can wear either a very deep shade of black or rich hues in the brown and red families.

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