Looking for Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration? Check Out These 9 Dramatic Updos!

Your hairstylist can give you a stunning, unique updo that is perfect for your wedding look. With a trip to the salon, your hair can become an ideal accessory for your wedding day.

Consider a high-low updo, a braided bun, a tucked roll, or even graphic loops. You can also ask for twisted Zulu knots, a modern whirl, a toppled knot, a swirled chignon, or a couture roll. Watch this video to see these styles and find the one that perfectly complements your bridal look.

Johnny Rodriguez the Salon can give you the exact hairstyle you want for your wedding. Our stylists are among the best in the Dallas area. For more information on our salon services, please call (877) 257-3892. 

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