The Benefits of the Keratin Smoothing System

Everyone loves the just-left-the-hair-salon look and feel of shiny, healthy hair. For those whose hair tends to frizz easily, it’s harder to achieve that look every day without spending hours wrangling with numerous hair styling products and tools. Keep reading for the frizz-fighting benefits of the Keratin smoothing system:

Get smooth hair with a Keratin treatment

  • Leave Hair Undamaged: Keratin is a protein naturally found in your hair. During smoothing treatment, keratin is mixed with gentle chemicals, applied, and then sealed to leave your hair straightened. Unlike other products used to achieve this look, the Keratin smoothing system won’t leave hair damaged or harm the scalp in the process.
  • Lengthen the Life of Your Color: Many hair stylists prefer to apply the keratin treatment directly after coloring their clients’ hair. No matter what your color regimen may be, this treatment can help seal in the bleach or dye and enhance the vibrancy of your hair color's tone. Hair that has already been treated with a keratin system is also fit for application after color.
  • Weatherproof Your Hair: For those with a wave or curl to their dry hair, a humid day can be a fashion nightmare. The Keratin treatment allow clients to wash their hair, lightly blow dry it, and go outside frizz-free, even in the most humid climates. 
  • Enjoy Long-Lasting Results: One of the greatest benefits of a Keratin treatment is that it leaves your hair looking smooth, shiny, and straight for up to four months. When calculating the amount of time saved straightening your hair each morning, the minutes add up to hours over the course of those months. Save yourself time and money by enjoying straight, beautiful hair for longer.

At Johnny Rodriguez the Salon, we’ve been providing Dallas clients with beautifully smooth hair using the Keratin system since its development. Our superior service and impeccable technique are just a few of the qualities that have earned us our reputation as the best salon in the city, as voted by D Magazine readers. To learn more about our services, call us today at (214) 987-1919.

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