How Can Highlights Benefit You?

Though generally happy with their hair’s appearance, many women may ask for a minor tweak to their hairstyle if they get bored or want a fresher look. Highlights are the perfect solution for individuals who are looking for a change, but aren’t ready to commit to a significantly different cut or color. Hair stylists recommend highlights for many reasons.

Foil Highlights

  • Highlights can brighten the face. Subtle highlights are applied to mimic the effect that the sun can have on your hair. Often, hair stylists can implement them so discreetly that friends and family members won’t be able to tell that you colored your hair, though they will comment on how nice your hair looks. If you want a small change with big results, highlights are the way to go.
  • Highlights can help you decide if you want a more substantial dye job. Some women may think they want to go blonde, but are reluctant to undergo a full dye job without knowing what the outcome will look like. If you fall into this category, make an appointment with your hair stylist to get highlights. Once you get a general idea of how your skin tone will react to a lighter hair shade, then you can decide if a bigger hair color commitment is right for you.
  • Highlights can mask graying hair. Are you beginning to see gray strands? If so, you can effectively mask those unwelcome guests with highlights. Even women with darker hair can get highlights one to two shades lighter than their overall color, which will disguise graying hair. Given that a full dye job puts greater stress on the hair than a simple highlighting procedure, you can also save hair that may be becoming more brittle from experiencing other traumas.

Johnny Rodriguez the Salon offers women a number of expert hair color treatments, including hair highlights. To learn more about our many hair care and style options, or to make an appointment at our Dallas salon, please call (214) 987-1919.

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