Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Women with thin hair have available many hair product and styling options that can help them achieve a more voluminous appearance. As this video demonstrates, your hair stylist can create several looks that will make everyone you see think you have thick-bodied tresses.

The first step that your hair stylist will take to create fuller hair is adding lift at the crown of your head. This can be achieved by using a combination of root lifter and blow dryer. Once lift is added, you can choose from a variety of looks. One beautiful option is the chignon. Your hair stylist will gently twist your hair and knot it into a loose bun, incorporating strands of hair from behind the ears to achieve a casual, yet full-bodied hairstyle. Alternately, you can leave your hair down and just pull back the sections at the temples to create a low-key but gorgeous everyday look. No matter your preference, you too can have voluminous hair.

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