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There isn’t a more convenient place to get great beauty tips than on your smartphone, thanks to the Beauty-On-The-Go app. This easy-to-use app provides users with a variety of style categories to draw inspiration from, including hair, skin, and makeup. With this app, you literally have an expert in your purse or pocket.

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Whether you want to find the hottest new nail art designs, read about fall trends for hair color, or learn which blush is best for your complexion, this app is your go-to source. Best of all, the philosophy behind Beauty-On-The-Go’s creation is to deliver advice and tutorials so you can take control of your beauty regime and achieve professional-quality results.

At Johnny Rodriguez the Salon, we provide clients with amazing services as a foundation for them to explore the fun possibilities available for hair and makeup. Visit us in Dallas or give us a call today at (214) 987-1919 to learn more.

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