A Look at the Hairlocs Hair Extension System

If you’ve been considering extensions for your hair, you may be wondering what system will be best for you. Whether you’re hoping to lengthen your locks or just add some volume, it’s great to know which is the safest and highest quality option before heading to your hair salon. Keep reading for information about why the Hairlocs hair extension system will meet all of your needs.

Hairlocs Extensions will Give You Beautiful Hair

Non-Damaging Application

Unlike other extension systems, the Hairlocs system does not use harmful fusing techniques like applying heat, glue, or braiding. Not only are these methods damaging to your hair, but they can also harm the scalp and hair follicle, which affects successful growth of natural hair.

Compatibility with All Hair Types

Hairlocs hair extension system uses the highest-quality Russian, Italian, and Spanish hair to blend into your own natural strands. If the look you choose to achieve is natural with one bold highlight, or a mixture of lowlights and highlights is used to create the illusion of texture. Hairlocs specialists can give you the look you want regardless of your hair type.

Pain-Free Extensions

Hairlocs uses a “cold process” to integrate extensions into natural hair. Since the traditional methods of braiding and gluing aren’t applied, clients won’t experience tugging, pulling, or heating. Eliminating these techniques also eliminates pain and discomfort. Hairlocs extensions do not require any messy or damaging chemical applications either, so your hair stays strong and beautiful.

Highly Qualified Stylists

The Hairlocs system is reserved for highly skilled hair stylists who have undergone training in the art of applying these extensions. The training program includes proper cutting techniques, maintenance of the hair, removal of extensions, and other crucial methods that could have damaging consequences if not performed correctly.

The Hairlocs hair extension system is the perfect answer for anyone who is looking for that little something extra for their hair. At Johnny Rodriguez the Salon, our hair stylists are certified in applying and helping you maintain these stunning extensions. To learn more, visit our Dallas hair salon or call us today at (214) 987-1919.

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